Security management

Extensive Security Operations Center (SOC) intelligence and greater visibility?

Security orchestration, analytics and response (SOAR) to complement traditional security management

SOAR is a key enabler for transforming security organizations from manually driven operations to intelligence-driven security operation centers based on automation. NetGuard SMC is a security operations automation, analytics and reporting solution that consolidates data and extracts actionable insights from a variety of intelligence sources, and existing security technologies. By analyzing user behavior to identify bad actors, it provides threat indicators to potential insider threats. These capabilities help security professionals prioritize risks and automate security operations activities in the context of the attack surface and the business.

Nokia NetGuard Security Management solutions help you secure and protect physical, virtual, and hybrid mobile networks.

With NetGuard Security Management, you can use our Secure Network Auditing Platform to orchestrate identity access, configuration management, and security compliance analytics. Our proven, trusted software protects the world’s largest and busiest networks.

We offer a complete security management solution:

  • Security Management Center: Centralized configuration, monitoring and analysis for security functions in multivendor networks
  • Identity Access Manager: Network-wide attribute- and role-based identity management, access management, and single sign-on capabilities
  • Audit Compliance Manager: Auditing and analysis of all parameters in physical and virtual networks to preserve data integrity
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